This is the End..

Returning home and back into the swing of life and school, I know people will ask me about my study abroad experience. I am sure I will say that it was great and life-changing, but it is very difficult to describe an experience like study abroad in a few words or phrases.. Costa Rica provided … Continue reading This is the End..

Abroad While Black

Before deciding to embark on the adventure of study abroad, I had only known one other person of color that had done it. Nonetheless, I had an insatiable desire to see what was out there. Studying here in Costa Rica is like a dream come true… Now in the last moments of my journey I … Continue reading Abroad While Black

State of the Church

  What has happened to the church?  What was supposed to be a safe haven for individuals to find Christ has become a commercialized setting where in many cases people seem to be “paying for salvation.”  Many Christians feel as if the “world” is consuming the church and people are losing their faith. As a … Continue reading State of the Church