Trent Court and the Revitalization of New Bern

4 thoughts on “Trent Court and the Revitalization of New Bern”

  1. I, also wasn’t aware of the Great Fire of New Bern…until I am going to say approximately 2006 while working at CRMC as a CNA2 I had the privilege of taking care a phenomenal woman Ms Rivers who taught me about the Great Fire of New Bern stating most of the businesses were black owned businesses and homes that were destroyed…and now that I am here living in this area I am going to attempt to get involve with the community servicing where I can doing all the work that I am able to do so that history doesn’t repeat itself in this area called The Greater New Bern and I thank all who have brought this to the forefront


  2. This was a great article. I am a Native New Bernian, however; is currently residing in Durham. While preserving New Berns history for tourists is great, the people that live there needs better paying jobs. Living in Virginia I’ve seen what happens to the families when Public Housing is torn down. The people are misplaced and not allowed or can’t afford to come back to the areas they once’s call home. Who are looking out for the people?


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